Name: Adam Beane.

Birth date: 06-10-74.

Studio name: Adam Beane LTD.

Headquarters location: Sunny Providence, RI . USA.

Experience: Coming up on 5.

Material preferences: Used to prefer Castilene for sculpting, now however, I am working with my own mixture. I'm looking forward to trying Epoxy. Machining: Hard Renshape, Styrene, Brass, ABS, steel.

Sculpture’s size: Any. Mostly my work has been in the 9-11 inch range, but I've sculpted every size, from a life-sized pregnant woman that actually gives birth to a little mechanized rubber baby (for training doctors) all the way down to a half-inch figure for a jewelry company.

Influences: Until now, I never knew the names of other sculptors, because I've never been into action figures (I just love sculpting!) I also never really paid attention to Classical sculpture either, though I knew my work would probably be greatly improved if I did.
However, as of June 2006- when I found this site- I'm paying more attention. Now I know the names Villafane, Bergholtz, Canale, Cipriano, al. and my head is filled with images of beautifully sculpted figures. I had no idea there was so much excellent work being done out there! It's inspiring me to try more materials and new techniques. My ex-business partner, Pat Mahoney is the guy who I learned Castilene from. We worked together as What Works for 1 year and produced some great stuff for McFarlane and others, a few pieces of which are up on my site, but most are not. Maybe we will have a joint space on this site someday.
Pat is still one of the best sculptors I have ever met. Working together, we complimented each other's abilities nicely- I honed my portraiture, he his clothing folds, and we both roughed out sculpts, both did clothes and both did portraits. I would definitely have to say he was a huge influence on my work. His clothing folds are still the mark against which I measure my own. Almost no matter how delicately I handle a fold, I look at Pat's work and see one better. And now he is a rock star. Click on Album Player. "Tribulations" is my favorite.Artists who inspire me: Tim Hawkinson, Theo Jansen, Arthur Gansen, Morten Jacobsen ( ), Chris Cunningham (director), Aphex Twin, Autechre, Amon Tobin, Okkervil River, Neutral Milk Hotel.

Companies: McFarlane, SOTA, Fanatico, Plan-B, and many others. I'm very excited about the companies I will be working with in the coming months!.

Expectations: Make $$$. Travel around the world. Live in another country.

Advice to new sculptors or amateurs sculptors: get a mirror! A full-length one. Perhaps around $10.00 (mine was $7.99) This is the single fastest, cheapest most effective way to improve your sculpting. It will force you to actually get into the pose you are sculpting and thereby tell you where the stresses and center of gravity are and which muscles are engaged and which are relaxed. Muscles don't always do what you imagine they are doing, and very often, especially in the back, the predominant contours are caused by muscles lying beneath muscles. Beneath the ones you see illustrated in anatomy books. And if you do this, even for the sculpting of robots, monsters or cartoon characters, all of your work will be suffused with actual knowledge and it will show.
Don't rush to do the details!!!! Get the anatomy and pose dynamics right first and don't hesitate to cut and change your sculpture- it will be better for it in the end. Almost all sculptures go through some dark hours if you are making changes - hang in there, it will pull together.

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