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The man who was from Kin Empire had no name, no family and no friends. He was so burly and powerful. It is said that he carried the "Susan Stone"(the stone was used to made the throne of the king, this stone is ordinary as any others in the sunlight, but when it placed in the moonlight, it lighten the whole palace as well as in daytime) from the "Wolf girl Pit"(the deepest pit in Kin Empire) himself. This man is so taciturn. He has a brutal heart although he looks kindly. When he was young, he was exiled to the "Wolf girl Pit" and couldn't back to the ground until he die because of all the lives in "Towler Village" were ended by him. But because of the "Susan Stone", he was amnestied and named "The No.1 Protectorate" by the king, and then---"The No.1 Killer", which out of any armed forces and responsible only to the king (there has no any other people presence when the king gave him orders). In addition, he feed a dragon that adopted as a baby dragon when he worked in the pit. Naturally, he could understand animal language, gradually, this man invented a new punishment---Dragon punishment (use prisoner to feed the dragon), people were so afraid of him that call him "Nons", which means a delirious man. Mr. Nons lived in a deserted palace--- Aerie Palace, it is said that there has a kind of eagle --- the King Eagle, this eagle's feather was dim dumb fluorescence blue, this color was so special that couldn't compounded by all the painters from Kin Empire. So that, for the desires, the Royal family sent people to pull the feathers from the eagle when the eagle was lived (the King Eagle's feather will lost luster when it died). Since Mr. Nons moved into the Aerie Palace, nobody dare to close to this palace. In Kin Empire703, the king died of poisoning, and Mr. Nons disappeared after that. Everyone thought he was a absconding Kingslayer. But until the Kin Empire turn into the Tree City, people could heard the roar of dragon around the kingdom...
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