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I woke from a vivid, frightening nightmare. Before my eyes grew used to the strange glow that permeated the sky my senses kicked in and I realised the nightmare was in fact the most horrendous of realities. My ears were deafened by a cacophony of ear piecing screams while my nostrils were assailed by the most nauseating smell I could only describe as the reek of death.Slowly, my eyes grew accustomed to the dim light of the glowering red sky and only then could I understand the reason for my overpowering senses. Everywhere I looked all I could see were the heavily mutilated bodies of the dead and dying; too numerous to count yet allowing me to appreciate the extent of the carnage. My once prosperous home, New York City, was now no more than a living hell.I prayed the act of destruction had ended. But no, hardly audible at first, but then visibly growing in intensity, my ears picked out the sound of the Sorcerer chanting repeatedly the ancient incantations presaging Mankind’s final destruction. Then I saw the hideous form of the Devil, Satan, himself emerging slowly through the large portal, the conduit to the underworld, which was burning with vivid green flames. Then the thought struck me, the end of the world was nigh. Sadly it was man who had brought the carnage on himself. The cause was the lust for wealth and power. Ultimately people became more and more depraved killing the weakest and most vulnerable in society until evil held sway over the ever diminishing number of the good. It was this depravity that allowed Satan to cross from the Underworld. It was now clear human willpower is insufficient to resist the all-powerful Devil.Then I remembered Tony Stark would be mankind’s saviour. Buried deep within his psyche lay dormant techniques that if activated could defeat of the Devil but he alone could not re-activate them; he needed the help of a benevolent demon. But surely all demons are evil? Is there such a thing as a benevolent demon? There is no other choice. Success in this quest is imperative if humanity is to be saved. Failure was not an option. But where is this demon and will he help? Time is short otherwise it may be too late...
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