Lord Christoff Dargeroth
Lord Christoff Dargeroth
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the commission work did for Peter/
and the setting about the character is:
His full name is Lord Christoff Dargeroth, Christoff was his childhood name* that he decided to keep, Dargeroth is his Draconic name, and he got the Lord title from Lady Silnehan, ruler of Myth Drannor, when they took back the ancient home of the elves from the villain drow elves of the Underdark.
* That's how the story began: He was fighting with a more powerful enemy, when he was young. That enemy could not kill him, but he forced him into a humanoid form, into the shape of a 8-9 year old child, and took away his memories. The only thing that remained from his previous life was the bright orange eyes. He was found by an old Paladin, who adopted him and raised him as his child, in his order (he became a paladin). He was given the name Christoff after the founder of that order, and later he proved that he was worthy for such a name. He was the perfect novice; he was stronger, faster and tougher than his mates, with full respect of the order, and the sense of good. During that ten years he spent among them, he adopted a lot of their culture, and solidarity. (Thats why he made his lair, which is on a giant floating mountain like the Hallelujah Mountains in Avatar, but much bigger, near the "lesser being")

About his size, he is about 35 meter long from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, and has a wingspan of 65-70 meters.
Apperance: He is a half-breed, his father is a Silver Dragon, and his mother is a Fang Dragon, (that's a long story) see the pictures. He inherited features from both his parents, generally the positive ones. He has big wings like his father (unlike his mother), and his scales are shiny, silver-like as his father's, as well as razor-sharp and pointy like his mother's.
He also has almost the same, brightly glowing orange eyes like his mother (that's important). Universally, his size, and body build is like his father's, while his details are like his mother's, especially the head, the talons, and the horns on his back over the spine, the head and the chin.

Additional stuff: Once he had to fight with a giant fire elemental, and was injured badly. The only way he could defeat it was that he grabbed it with his front paws, and took a bite out of its core, devouring its essence. His paws, nose, and the upper part of his chin were severely burnt, and he got them covered with macigally forged hard adamantium plates.
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