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About us
About leewiART
LeewiART is a CG art spreading institution occupied international leading place, and consists of CG art gallery, CG art education centre and service platform for CG enterprises. We are working with the world finest CG workers, artists and free-lancers from various fields (video game, cinematics, animation, comic, and illustration etc.) and helping students who intend to dedicate themselves in CG industry.

For different clients, we custom our service to meet their demands respectively; we cover the areas of advertising campaign, education, career consulting, publishing, exhibition, art work management etc. Moreover, we have our own professional CG art on-line community - www.leewiart.com. It allows users to release latest art works and information efficiently and stands as a convenient communication platform.
About leewiART CG Art Gallery
LeewiART CG Art Gallery is dedicated in cooperating with the world finest CG artists. With our exclusive digital art painting platform, we manufacture materialized CG paintings, hold numerous CG art exhibitions and work closely with art museums, colleges and cultural institutions world wild to promote Computer Graphic (CG), the brand new, rising and booming art form.

We universally initiated digital art painting platform, using our unique manufacture technique to print CG art works. Products are sale in reserved amount with certification signed personally by artist, and can be identified by its serial number. By using this approach, the digital CG works are transferred into real art piece and they can be collected or traded as the traditional ones. Meanwhile, by sharing our profit with artists, we bring them a whole new way to publish their work.
leewiART exclusive digital art painting manufacture platform
Leewiart digital art painting manufacture platform, consists of digital file management system, color management system, output system and output texture system. Our technique allowed us to reproduce CG art works perfectly, as long as original computer graphic works and digital version of traditional art pieces.

Our goal is using our technique to transfer the charm of CG art works fully into reality.

Digital file management system - it's the database of all the original digital art works that artists authorized to us. The admission of the database is strictly limited that enabled us to supervise the resolution of digital files we offer to our staff and clients. Also, every file related operation will be recorded by the system.

Color management system - according to the medium the art work will be print, we will set up separate color management files. The strict color management during the whole manufacture process guaranteed the color consistency from digital display end to output end. Moreover, we have a correction program especially for the color distortion caused by different texture we use in production.

Output system - our main technique applied are: giclée, screen-printing, chromolithography and hand-drawing imitation etc. According to the artistic style and theme of art works, we will blend different techniques together or only choose one of them.

Output media system – after our long term research and development, we are now able to reproduce highly qualified paintings on canvas, rice paper, watercolor/gouache paper and photographic paper. The choice of media texture is based on the artistic style and theme of different art works.

Production Workflow:

1. Artists authorize leewiART their work and send us the original digital file and specific value setting information of the image.

2. Primitively decide the print technique and media texture for the painting according to the artistic style and theme of the work; print thumbnails.

3. Compare different thumbnails and make the final decision for print technique and media texture; start the color correction and detailing process.

4. Put the finalized version of the art work into production.

5. Frame and wrap the painting if it is necessary.
How to become a leewiART contracted artist?
We are willing to cooperate with outstanding CG artists all over the world. No matter you are into 2D illustration or 3D graphic, no matter what style you pursue, as long as we see artistic excellence and unique personality in your works and you have created certain amount of finalized paintings (more than 10 pieces), you’re welcome to apply for leewiART contracted status. After you passed the evaluation of our expert team, you will become a leewiART contracted artist.

Send us E-mail(gallery.leewiart@gmail.com) or contact us directly using MSN (leta718@hotmail.com). We’d like to have your CV/resume (including education background, working experience and received awards or publishing information) and thumbnails of your work (JPG file, no more than 500k for each piece).

After you passed our evaluation procedure, you will receive a draft agreement (English and Chinese versions are available). We will work together to settle the details and complete our cooperation contract.
Benefits of being leewiART contracted artist
1. Financial profit: sell your CG art painting via leewiART to gain income.

2. Promote reputation and recognition: join leewiART means an opportunity to display your works in our CG gallery, off-line exhibitions and other forms of publications. Through our work alliance with international CG enterprises and our on-line community, you’ll gain reputation both within the professionals and amateurs. It will bring you potential work opportunities and promote your personal recognition at the same time.
How to purchase CG art paintings from leewiART CG gallery?
E-mail us (gallery.leewiart@gmail.com) your order of CG art paintings, including name of the painting and size of the piece you’d like to purchase. Our staff will contact you within 3 working days to confirm details of your order, including specific size of the painting, request for the frame, terms of payment and mode of transportation etc.
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