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Carefully Study the Rules Before Creation is Essencial! Call for entries and template download

I. How to win
In this high-level designing competition of cartoon image, it is not easy to distinguish your work and to win hearts of the judges. Artists should integrate their rich imagination and subtle observations of life all the way through into their cartoon characters. Enrich your characters with distinct features. Let the audience feel touched by the characters’ emotional changes. In essence, what counters more in the competition is the vitality radiating from the characters instead of their appearance. Through your intelligence and diligence, you will create the distinctive works.

Artistic Style
Since each method of artistic expression fits for certain object, what you need to do is find the most suitable expression rather than your familiar one.

Originality is the essence of all artworks. Various artworks are produced day after day but only a few of them could be remembered and only those with originality could stand out in this competition.
II. How to Enter
1. The official website for the competition is Please read the Rules carefully at the website before filling in Competition Regsitration to get the qualification for the game.
2. Entries could publish WIP (work in progress) in “FORUM” section of the official website for learning from each others.
3. All entries are required to be submitted through “SUBMISSION” of the official website, otherwise they will be regarded as ineligible. Entries must be uploaded prior to January 15th, 2011.
III. Requirements
1. Creativeness is the soul of this competition. All entries are required to be original and imaginary. Freshness, fashion, simplicity, uniqueness and expressiveness are qualities strongly recommended.
2. The final work must be submitted according to the template format provided by the Organizers, otherwise they will be regarded as ineligible.
3. Any entry is required to be composed of at least three cartoon figures with the same style and distinct characteristic.
Required: Participants need to choose one among the many as representative with impression view, three orthographic views and the description. The rest of the images are required to send in impression view and description.
Optional: Participants could submit their orthographic views of the rest cartoon figures.
Optional: Participants could submit an impression view of all figures together.
4.The description must contain name of the characters, group name and works’ description.
Required: Participants need to name the cartoon figures of their own design.
Required: The works’ description must include the personal traits of each character, their background information, and relationship between characters. Any information that would enhance viewers' understanding of the works is strongly welcomed.
5.All entries must be in jpg format and not more than 500k.
IV. Rules
1. The Organizers include the Shanda Games and leewiART International Computer Graphic (CG) Art Promoting Organization. They will decide on the schedules and qualified participants. The Organizers reserve the right of final interpretation.
2. Individuals and groups are welcomed whether you are an artist or a designer, the panel of judges excluded. If the “designer” is more than one person or is a studio, they will be regarded as one entrant at Awards Announcement phase.
3. Participants are encouraged to submit their WIP (work in progress). But the final product must comply with the contest procedures and requirements specified. Participants are required to complete all information that the Organizers acquire, or works submitted will be regarded as ineligible.
4. It is the responsibility of entrants to assure that they have read and will obey the rules and regulations before submit entries. Any entry deemed to violate the competition rules and regulations will be excluded from judging. By submitting entries entrants imply total and unreserved agreement of the present rules and regulations of the “□□ and Its Friends” Competition.
5. In order to receive prizes, all winning artists must provide accurate and reliable contact information. The Organizers will endeavor to notify winners after the judging is completed. Winners cannot be reached within this period will be deprived the title and award under the sole discretion of the Organizers.
V. Copyright Statement
1. Entries must be original. Entrants must be the sole copyright holder of their entries and indemnify the Organizers from any subsequence may occur regarding the entrant claiming the ownership of all artworks entered.
2. The winners must grant the copyright, the right to use & the publishing right of the winning works to Shanda Games. This organizer has, in any form, the right to display, distribute and use winning entries as logos. Other company or individuals (including the author) has no right, in any form, to transfer, publish, distribute, or to give license. Copyrights of other entries belong to the author.
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