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Competition Winners Announced
Through nearly one-year collection and judging of the works, “Share One Planet” Wild Animals CG Art Elites Invitational Competition satisfactorily concluded recently and had chosen the final award-winning works in each unit. 233 valid entries for this competition have been submitted. They are created by 173 artists from 38 countries and regions, representing the top level of international CG art creation. The judges are Mark Snowswell from CGSociety which is an internationally known CG art communication community, Arnie Fenner&Cathy Fenner who are the art directors of famous fantasy artistic yearbook Spectrum, and many well known artists such as Terryl Whitlatch and James Gurney. Their involvement ensures the universality of judging with high standard.
The entries are finally divided into 7 units which are portrait, herd, mother’s love, prey and predator, harmony and swan lake for judging. Among the nominated works, there are excellent ones spring up in each unit. The artists mold many moving pictures with various animals’ eyesight, movements and snuggling atmosphere. The award winning works in each unit develop a school of their own artistic creativity and image infectivity, showing the beauty and shock of life by the means of special forms of CG art. Each work represents a sincere heart’s concern to the world and love to the animals.
As this competition is the first creative event that global CG art field aims at the theme of wild animals, and most of the artists have no creative experience in this aspect, the strict judges are hard to choose one work which can surpass all the other ones. It is a pity that the "Wild Animals CG Art Master" award is vacancy. But as a very good beginning and combining public welfare with art, the first “Share One Planet” competition has great impact and plays a positive role in more extensive social field. It is believed that this competition can become an important one in CG art and wild animal protection field, which can gather more artists and audiences and lead more people to pay attention to the wild animals and make more people know CG art.
Winner of Portrait
Title:Loris Planet
Artist:Antonio Javier Caparo (Cuba)
Loris Planet
Mark Snoswell: This image may well become an icon of our times. Caught in the headlights of our rampant consumption this shy little creature clings onto the planet – or at least this vanishing habitat he has left. The composition is exquisite. The lighting is excellent and the message compelling.
Duan Jia: The image is vivid and significant.
Ding Yuguang: Delicate style. Beautiful composition. Especially the melancholic expression in its eyes is the highlight of this painting.
Yu Yanfei: The expectant eyes are very impressive.
Finalists of Portrait
Title: A Sliver of Sunlight
Artist: Allen Douglas(USA)
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A Sliver of Sunlight
Title: At Home
Artist: Tiago da Silva(Portugal)
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At Home
Title: White-headed Langur
Artist: Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura(Brazil) Click for more
White-headed Langur
Title: Yunnan Elephant
Artist: Andrew Shek(Canada)
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Yunnan Elephant
Winner of Herd
Title: Direction
Artist: Cheng Rui(China)
Terryl Whitlatch: Eye-catching and straightforward exploration of animal profile portraiture—animals speak for themselves rather than the reliance upon a distracting allegorical fairy-tale human character. You may wish to discourage this sort of thing, because the viewer is not so much focused upon the intended conservation message, but may instead misinterpret it as being an illustration for a fantasy story.
James Gurney: The artist has given each of the animals a noble personality, and the restrained use of color gives the image dignity.
Arnie & Cathy Fenner: We just love this piece. It is our number one favorite of the competition. So well executed, great layout, successfully includes so many animals in one piece.
Xi Zhinong: It depicts the group image of many rare wild animals. Exquisite depiction. But among them the tortoise is more like geochelone, but not the Testudo horsfieldii. Geochelone is not within the species which the competition requires.
Ding Yuguang: Full of message. We have no idea if the animals have seen their bright and harmonious future or are saying goodbye to the hometown one more time. In their mind we are only the most horrible beasts.
Yu Yanfei: Subtle composition of the animals’ group image. The animals are well organized and arranged with their bright eyes. Good harmony and unity of the overall color.
Finalists of Herd
Title: The Troop
Artist: Andy Fairhurst(UK)
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The Troop
Title: Beauty of Plum Tree
Artist: Zhu Tao(China)
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Beauty of Plum Tree
Title: Calling from The Heaven
Artist: He Yifei (China)
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Calling from The Heaven
Title: Monkey Gang
Artist: Malgorzata Arska (Poland)
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Monkey Gang
Winner of Harmony
Title: Shared Between Us
Artist: Liam Peters(Australia)
Shared Between Us
Mark Snoswell: The form and motion between human and birds are perfectly captured here. The shapes and actions are in complete harmony – sharing the same life giving water. The technique and lighting are subtly beautiful and a perfect complement for the subject.
Xi Zhinong: Human share the same water with the Plataleaminor, without disturbing each other. This matches the theme of harmony. Very exquisite depiction.
Arnie & Cathy Fenner: This art wonderfully illustrates man in tune with nature.
Ding Yuguang: Exquisite style. Harmonious theme. The artist interprets the theme of harmony perfectly through unique point of view.
Finalists of Harmony
Title: Don't send them to heaven, Be their angel!
Artist: Nelsy Adriana Pérez Jiménez(Mexico)
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Don't send them to heaven, Be their angel!
Title: Planning the Journey
Artist: Ed Binkley(USA)
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Planning the Journey
Title: Northern Goshawk
Artist: Bianca Maria Draghici(Romania)
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Northern Goshawk
Title: Group of Natural Pictures-Word of the Forest
Artist: He Jie(China) Click for more
Group of Natural Pictures-Word of the Forest
Mother’s love
Winner of Mother’s love
Title: Blissful Place
Artist: Tiago da Silv(Portugal)
Blissful Place
Terryl Whitlatch: Edenic and intimate painting of mother panda and cub. Mother’s head is much too large for her body, but face and expression is very good. The lighting and ambience of place gives a feeling of safety, almost a womblike feel that the young panda can thrive in, and which enhances the overall maternal feeling.
James Gurney: The painting makes me feel I’m really in a bamboo forest with the pandas. It has a beautiful feeling of light and quietness.
Yu Yafei: A brook crosses the dense bamboo forest. A mother panda and cub are playing near the stream. The mother panda is charmingly naive, gazing around with the sharp eyes warily. The cub is catching frog in the water. An aesthetic picture.
Arnie & Cathy Fenner: A wonderful representation of the lush green world of the jungle.
Finalists of Morther’s love
Title: Wings of Golden Eagle
Artist: Wang Dongfei(China)
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Wings of Golden Eagle
Title: Fragile
Artist: Mateja Petkovic(Serbia)
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Title: Love and Happiness
Artist: He Ping(China)
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Love and Happiness
Title: On the Ice
Artist: Andrei Pervukhin(Russia)
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On the Ice
Winner of Prey and Predator
Title: The Moment
Artist: Samantha Hogg (UK)
The Moment
Terryl Whitlatch: Snow Leopard and Ibex—nice graphic illustration and well designed composition showing the moments between the pounce and the prey’s sudden awareness of danger. Good storytelling.
Mark Snoswell: This is a wonderful image that conveys the mutual respect of hunter and prey – You get a real feeling that the Snow Leopard and Ibex are engaged in a strategic assessment of the battle ahead. Excellent composition and technique.
Arnie & Cathy Fenner: Very convincing cat and interesting layout.
Ding Yuguang: There is no superfluous painting with a alpine ibex in the foreground and a snow leopard in the background. But it shows the atmosphere of tension and the feeling of imminent battle vividly and incisively.
Finalists of Predator
Title: Out of Water
Artist: Shao Jianlin(China)
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Out of Water
Title: In Persuit of Prey
Artist: Bagus Hutomo(Indonesia)
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In Persuit of Prey
Title: A hunting Siberian tiger
Artist: Wang Dongfei(China)
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A hunting Siberian tiger
Title: Testudo
Artist: Anthony Wolff(France)
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Swan Lake
Winner of Swan Lake
Title: Veneration to the Sun
Artist: Jennifer Miller(USA)
Winner of Swan Lake
Terryl Whitlatch: Nicely balanced and lit groupings of swans.
Arnie & Cathy Fenner: Beautiful depiction of swans at dawn. Makes the viewer feel as if they are actually there.
Xi Zhinong: Beautiful depiction of the scene. The pose of each swan is exquisite and vivid. It well shows the living scene of the swans.
Yu Yanfei: The swan lake in the sunset is like covering the golden rings of light. The swans are playing in the lake. The artist uses the similar colors to make the whole image full of harmony and unity.
Finalists of Swan Lake
Title: Family Happiness
Artist: He Yifei(China)
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Family Happiness
Title: I Can Fly
Artist: Su Haitao(China)
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I Can Fly
Title: Swan lake
Artist: Li Yajun(China)
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Swan lake
Title: Whooper Swans (Cygnus cygnus)
Artist: Bill J. Unzen(USA)
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Whooper Swans (Cygnus cygnus)
Digital Sculpture
Winner of Digital Sculpture
Title: Welcome Home
Artist: Victor Hugo Aguilar Reyes(Mexico)
Welcome Home
Terryl Whitlatch: Good anatomical accuracy, and the little turtles are a good addition, nice sense of environment and motion.
James Gurney: Nice use of background setting to support the sea turtle. Interesting textures.
Mark Snoswell: This is a beautiful sculpture of mother and baby sea turtles. The composition is excellent and the detailing is truly superb.
Ding Yuguang: Elaborate design of the sculpture’s structure. The little turtles are the highlight.
Yu Yanfei: The traveling turtle is subtly connected to the sand table. Very good conception.
Finalists of Digital Sculpture
Title: Golden Monkey
Artist: Lu Zhenyu(China)
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Golden Monkey
Title: Watcher
Artist: Xu Zhelong(China)
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Title: Chinese Alligator
Artist: Xu Jian(China)
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Chinese Alligator
Title: The Protect
Artist: Sutat Palama(Thailand)
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The Protect
Executive Organizers
Offical Media Partners
Dr. Mark Snoswell is the President of The CGSociety, the well known society of digital artists. At the same time, he is also the Director of Ballistic Media and the CEO of Snoswell Design.
James Gurney is an artist known for his plein-air landscape paintings, as well as his award-winning illustrations of fantasy and historical subjects. He is also known as the author and illustrator of the best-selling illustrated book series, Dinotopia.
Arnie& Cathy Fenner are the Directors of Spectrum Fantastic Art Spectrum.
Terryl Whitlatch is a famous wildlife artist and creature designer.
Professor,Chairman of Academic committee of Animation and Digital art school of Communication University of China.Director of Animated Film.
Duan Jia is the professor of Animation School of Beijing Film Academy as well as the member of Association International du Film d'Animation and the guest professor of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.
As a famous wild animal photographer in China, he always devotes himself into the shooting and protection of the wild animals.He is regarded as one of the 40 most influential natural photographers in the world by the British Outdoor Photography magazine.
Yu Yanfei is the Secretary-General of Wildlife Cultural Project Fund Management, and the Commission Executive Deputy Secretary-General of China Institute of Strategy and Management.
Ding Yuguang is a famous drama photographer in China. Now he occupies the post of executive deputy secretary general in China Foundation for the Development of Social Culture.
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