Name: Alterton
Birth date: March/01/1976 (last one; before it was 01/01/015, and 04/15/ 210, and so and so...Damned when is gonna end???)
Studio name: Alterton Bizarre Sculpting Studio
Headquarters location: Trelew city, Chubut Province, beutiful lands of Patagonia, Argentina
Experience: 5 years
Material preferences: mostly epoxy putty, but I tried dog crap, human triturated bone, teeth enamel, blood, dentin and more dog crap
Sculpture’s size: all sizes
Influences: Tim Bruckner, Martin Canale, Tony Cipriano, William Paquet, Shiflett bros, Wayne Hansen, Gabriel Marquez, Andy Bergholtz, Clay Moore, Casey Love, Rocco Tartamella, Greg Polutanovich, Steve West, Sam Greenwell, Digger, and all the airheads on this site...
Companies: DCDirect, Diamond Select Toys, Art Asylum, The GoreGroup, First4Figures, Mindzeye Studios, Paradoxx Resin, CDProductions, Jayco Toys, etc.
Expectations: Rule the world and kill them all. Long Live to Emperor "me".
Advice to new sculptors or amateurs sculptors: Quit sculpting, there will always be a better one than you...No, let be serious, learn from the masters, follow their advices, watch, and watch and watch, study anatomy a lot, keep watching, search for references always



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