Newly launched serial books of leewiART!

Collecting excellent works of top digital artists from china and foreign countries

The serial books of Leyi•International Top Digital Artists’ Works Appreciation are newly launched, which are the internationalized high-end digital works collections published by LeewiART, the international digital graphic art popularizing organization for the first time. Divided into three classes of Character, Environment and Illustration, the serial books select hundreds of classical works created by 36 top digital artists at home and abroad, and have gained the recognition in the international CG art circles. Arnie Fenner and his wife, the founders of the famous fantastic art almanac SPECTRUM, go all out to recommend the serial books and write the preface in person.

The serial books cover the main content regarding CG artistic creation, and most artists’ works involved in the books have been embodied in SPECTRUM, the famous CG art almanacs EXPOSE and EXOTIQUE many times. In order to make the readers better understand these artists profoundly and help the readers take apart the good works from more angles, the books have not only displayed nearly 20 pieces of excellent works of each artist, but also introduced their experience and done unique interview to each artist.

Each artist chooses 5 pieces from their own works and explains the train of thought in detail. These can inspire the readers who want to know and get into the field of CG artistic creation and be the good guidance for them.

Though the artists assemble from different territorial environment and cultural forms in leewiART, they have the same passion for art. In their works, the readers cannot only see the exquisite techniques, but also feel the universal ideal and sensation of humans across the borders of time and space. Art, especially fantastic art, breaks the cultural barrier and frees us to resonate in different cultural backgrounds. Art is essentially a kind of giving vent to feelings, which means we should use the emotion and intelligence to response. Only putting the most sincere emotions into each work, can the artist gain the most genuine response. The artists play the roles of messengers accidentally through their own works, and we are all pleased to interact with them like this.

Thank these excellent artists, as they lead us to complete the adventure in the fantastic world with their wisdom. We can see the unique style of each artist in these books and the attractive, beautiful, particular works which can lead us enjoy a grand banquet for the eyes. It is hard to list all individually, such as mystery and wildness of Chen Jiansong, wisdom and humor of Dominic Philibert, tension and explosiveness of Cai Yinan, nice color like oil painting in Jean-Sebastien Rossbach’s works, rich meanings in Kuang Hong’s pictures, elegance and beauty of Melanie Delon. So please appreciate in these books.

We dedicate these books to the friends who have already or will set foot on the road to CG artistic creation.

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