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Interview Jason Seiler
Interview Jason Seiler [中文]

For step one, I simply put down my first impression of Su Haitao. I didn't hesitate, just attacked in about 60 seconds or so. This is something that I typically do. My intention in this step is not to do an impressive drawing to show off to everyone, it is more like taking quick notes. Every person that I look at has unique qualities and characteristics about their face. I try to capture that as quick as I can, my hand trying to keep up with my mind. You can see that this sketch is very basic, but all the elements are there. In 60 seconds, I have put down my impression of Su's features, and shape, and already I feel it looks like him and is quite funny.

For step two, I lighten my quick sketch and begin to draw on top of it, now looking closer at the individual features. BTW, when I sketch with Photoshop, I usually like to use a round brush with shape dynamics clicked on which creates a point. This to me feels the most like a pen or pencil.

You can start to see the form, character, and likeness coming together.

By this stage, the form is complete, all that's left now is to darken the drawing a bit representing

Defining shape and anatomy of the face and neck.

Filled in the hair and continue to develop the structure and anatomy of the face with cross hatching.

I decided to add a bit of value to the skin, so for that, I created a new layer and changed that layer to multiply. I then selected a light gray and painted his face, leaving only a small highlight on his nose.

Not much of a change between this step, and step seven. I have finished sketching out the body and worked a bit more on the face, neck and hair.

Here is the final sketch. To finish it off, I did some light cross hatching in the background and added some more light gray value on his shirt and background to help the image pop a bit more.

At the last
I hope you've enjoyed this little sketch demo. To learn more on how to draw, paint, and illustrate caricatures, check out my class on high end Caricature at www.schoolism.com I also have a two hour sketching DVD for sale called "Sketching with Jason Seiler" available on my website or http://www.jasonseilerdepot.blogspot.com
Jason Seiler self portrait
Jason Seiler self portrait
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