Name: Randy Bowen
Birth date: December, 1961 (yes, i'm an old-fart)
Studio name: Uh...Bowen Designs, Inc.(est.1983)
Headquarters location: Portland Oregon . USA.
Experience: in sculpting: 15 as a "pro"sculptor
Material preferences: Super sculpey, Magic Sculpt
Influences: (in no particular order) Crumb, John Buscema,Neal Adams,Mark Newman, Tony McVey, Ray Harryhausen, Rodin (the sculptor, not the giant bird that destroyedTokyo), Chiparus, Kent Melton, Frazetta
Hired Sculptors: Shiflett bros, Tony Cipriano, Kucharek Bros, Thomas Kuntz, Martin Canale, Rocco Tartamella, Jim Maddox, Ruben Procopio, Joy Snyder, Ercik Sosa, Mark Vantyne, Rick Force, Mark Newman, Sam Greenwell, Ray Villafane, etc...
Companies: DC, Marvel,Warner Bros. Animation, Hasbro, Nike, Marine World and many more...
Expectations: To always improve, and not die poor .
Advice to new sculptors or amateurs sculptors: Keep going no matter what. Keep you promises and deadlines, enjoy the ride .
Other: Never, but NEVER store Super Glue on the same shelf as the Visine (bad things can happen)

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好强!!!!!!- -,不是油泥……
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