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“□□ and Its Friends” 2010 Shanda Games Creative Cartoon Competition is jointly held by Shanda Games and leewiART International Computer Graphic (CG) Art Promoting Organization, with the objective to design international standard cartoon figures to represent all FLASH, web and casual products of Shanda Games. It is themed on “□□ and Its Friends”. Winning artwork will have the opportunity to eventually become the major product logo of casual community and games of Shanda Games.
Openness, freedom and creativeness are the guiding principles of this competition. It aims not only to stage a revolution of creation in CG industry for global professionals displaying their brilliant works, but also to project Shanda Games’ image and enhance its casual game’s impact internationally.
Submission: November 1st, 2010---January 15th, 2011
Judging: January 20th, 2011---February 20th, 2011
Awards Announcement: February 28th, 2011
III. Prizes
The jury will present the top 5 winning entries, whose designers will be granted with prize and award certificate.

1. The 1st prize: Wacom Cintiq 21UX, plus RMB 10,000
2. The 2nd prize: Wacom Intuos4, L, plus RMB 4,000
3. The 3rd prize: Wacom Intuos4, L, plus RMB 3,000
4. The 4th prize: Wacom Intuos4, M, plus RMB 2,000
5. The 5th prize: Wacom Intuos4, M plus RMB 1,000

Winners are solely responsible for payment of any taxes on prizes.
Shanda Games
As the leading interactive entertainment company, Shanda Games has created its own corporate culture and brand image after years of development. In game development and interactive entertainment, Shanda has made great success. This company has always attracting brains in this field and integrating their creativity to bring clients extraordinary visual experience.

As a CG art spreading institution, leewiART is committed to promote the exchange and expansion of this newly developed art form. With a wide range of CG resources, this institution has established a sound platform for the promotion of digital art. Up till now it has successfully held several CG art promotion activities. Currently, it has run three brands: Share One Planet, leewiART Gallery, leewiART CG art community (in Chinese).
General Enquiries:

Competition Commitee
Contact:Ms.Han Ms.Liu
Address:4C-606 Houxiandaicheng, Baiziwan Road Chaoyang District,Beijing,China
Shanda Games leewiART
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